Our customers seek tailored solutions, flexibility and accessibility at competitive rates for the processing of waste. On the basis of our high-tech systems we can opt for the processing method with the highest possible environmental gains, making us an attractive supplier. We draw the waste that serves as our raw material and fuel from this region, from other parts of the Netherlands, from Germany and from the United Kingdom. Our central location guarantees excellent access by road, rail and water.

For our energy customers, the use of our energy not only means increased sustainability, but often also savings. The various possibilities we have for generating energy mean that Twence is a highly reliable source of electricity, steam and heat.

Twence is firmly rooted in the Twente region. That gives us the Twente no-nonsense mentality: we do what we say, and we say what we do. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers. They are based on pleasant and constructive cooperation and mutual trust. We know from experience that good cooperation results in the best solutions.

The stable basis with 17 government shareholders is unique. In addition, Twence has a healthy financial position. This makes us a reliable party for our customers, now and in the future. We keep close track of technical developments in energy generation and recovery of raw materials. We run innovative and high-tech plants for that purpose, which contributes to the efficiency and quality of the services and products we supply.

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Presenting waste materials

Thanks to the large number of different recycling and processing possibilities on our site, we can supply a broad range of services and products and take many things off your hands. Separating, digesting, composting, storing, incinerating with energy generation or – if there is no other possibility – landfill. We do it all. Processing waste flows often involves customisation. We are happy to investigate, together with you, the best processing method for your waste streams. Twence processes the following waste streams into reusable component streams, compost, raw materials and energy:

  • Recyclable waste
  • Biomass
  • Combustible non-recyclable waste
  • Non-reusable or non-processable waste

Recyclable waste
In our materials recycling facility we process construction and demolition debris, dry commercial and industrial waste and oversized municipal solid waste into reusable component streams such as metals, wood, demolition waste, sand and high-calorific waste.

Twence processes various streams of organic waste (biomass) into energy and compost. The bioconversion plants process organic waste from kitchens and gardens from businesses and homes, as well as green waste from municipalities and material past its use-by-date, into biogas, and in a second step, into compost. We convert waste wood and other non-renewable organic waste into renewable electricity in our biomass power plant.

Combustible non-recyclable waste
Municipal solid waste is a collective name for the waste which arises from the normal operation of a household. Households are stimulated to already separate the reusable part of their waste at the source, for example glass, old paper and cardboard and plastic. A similar waste stream can arise at businesses.

Non-reusable or non-processable waste
We dump waste which is not suitable for reuse and cannot be incinerated for energy generation at one of our landfill locations. In practice this involves an extremely small percentage of the waste supplied to us. The nature of the waste determines how it can be disposed of.

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Contact us by email on or call +31 (0) 74 2404 444.

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Supply of energy

Twence supplies energy as electricity to the public grid, steam and heat for industrial applications and heat for district heating networks.

More information?
Contact Raymond ter Haar via or call +31 (0) 74 2404 444.

Supply of raw materials

Twence supplies raw materials: reusable materials from our materials recycling facility, bottom ashes, compost, metals and other raw materials.

More information?
Contact Jeffrey Martinec via or call +31 (0) 74 2404 444.


Some of the most important safety rules are given below.

  • Always follow the instructions of the staff of Twence.
  • The traffic rules at the site are in accordance with the Dutch Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations (RVV). The maximum speed is limited to 30 km/h, unless otherwise indicated: see the signs at the site. Drive on the site so as to prevent obstruction and/or dangerous situations for other persons.
  • Smoking is only permitted at the locations designated for that purpose. These locations can be recognised by the smoking zone pillar.
  • The use of and/or being under the influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden. We carry out random checks on this.
  • It is forbidden to take children younger than 16 years on to the Twence site, unless otherwise agreed with Twence.
  • If your vehicle is leaking or you lose your load, report this immediately to the CCR (central control room) at +31 (0) 74 2404 555.
  • Anyone who carries out work at Twence in the plants or the grounds must obtain a work permit with a multi LOTO list from the CCR.
  • For accidents or emergencies, call the internal emergency number immediately: +31 (0) 74 240 4555. You will speak with a CCR staff member. State your name, the location and nature of the accident or emergency, the number of any victims and the nature of the injuries clearly.
  • In the event of fire, accidents and other emergencies, follow the instructions of the company emergency response team. Company emergency response team members can be recognised by reflective vests with ‘BHV-Twence’ on them.
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We like to make clear agreements. General conditions, acceptance conditions, site regulations and information about the transport of compost can be found here. All customers and transporters must have read and understood the site regulations. If your vehicle is leaking or you lose your load, you must report this immediately to the CCR (central control room) +31 (0) 74 2404 555.

More information?
Contact us by email via or call +31 (0) 74 2404 444.