Source of sustainability and energy

Achieving more together with smart solutions for sustainability and energy. That is the basis on which Twence was established by fourteen municipalities in Twente. With a common vision for waste processing, the organisation has developed since 1986 into a figurehead and source of inspiration in the field of the circular economy in the east of the Netherlands.

The stable basis with 17 government shareholders is unique and makes it possible to combine social returns and impact on the regional economy with sustainable investments which aim at a circular economy. This enables Overijssel to stay ahead in the field of sustainability and regional challenges such as manure processing and solar energy are tackled decisively. In education and innovation Twence is also at the heart of society; from excursions, raising the interest of young people in technical studies and nature management to joint ventures with ROC, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, University of Twente and businesses.

Twence’s innovative plants achieve an extremely high energy efficiency so that it is attractive for customers in the Netherlands, Germany and England to make use of the services and products of Twence. The renewable energy we generate from residual streams and biomass is a source for regional energy-intensive activity involving smart cooling and heating. And we provide renewable heat and electricity to thousands of households. Converted into households, this involves the electricity for a good 164,000 households, heat for more than 49,000 households, and annual avoidance of CO2 emissions of 344,000 tonnes due to the reduced use of fossil fuels. These figures will increase further in the coming years!

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Seeing for yourself

If you would like to see what Twence does, watch the company film here or visit us for an excursion. You can see more films about Twence on our YouTube channel.


Vision and mission

‘Energy from renewable resources is the energy of the future,’ according to Marc Kapteijn, CEO of Twence. ‘We are making considerable investments in this, with great success. At the same time we generate energy with extremely high efficiency from waste which has been stripped of all the reusable material. A balanced use of all materials is essential to prevent exhaustion of natural raw materials and fuels. This way waste is not simply waste any more, but a source of energy and raw materials which makes the entire region greener.’

Working with, at and for Twence means contributing to sustainability and the generation of energy every day. We do this passionately with a clear vision of the development of energy sources in our society. Together with our customers and shareholders, we make a profit for society. We do this by taking the initiative as an organisation, improving processes and embracing social returns.

Twence stands for the high-quality use of waste as a source of reusable raw materials. We make waste suitable for this purpose and bring raw materials back into the chain.

When waste is converted into energy through incineration, a non-combustible part always remains in the incinerator: the (bottom) ash. But even this ash contains useful raw materials. Luc Boer, team leader at the bottom ash reprocessing plant: ‘Here at Twence we have the crème de la crème in bottom ash reprocessing. We developed this together with parties at the forefront of the market. We recover the smallest metal particles, down to the size of a pin-head, from the incineration residue of our power plant. This enables us to put not only iron, but also aluminium, zinc and copper back into the cycle. And the bottom ash becomes so pure from this process that it can be used as an alternative to sand and gravel, for example for making concrete.’

Twence produces energy from renewable sources. We use mixed (municipal) waste to generate energy as long as that remains the most efficient form of use.

Gerwin Strieks, Facilities services project leader: ‘The energy mix is changing all round the world. That is why we are also investing in sources where waste is not the fuel. We are building a solar park in Enschede, among other things. Soon in this region, lights and washing machines will run in hundreds of houses on our green solar power. And that is just the beginning!’

We help to make our society more sustainable through respect for people and the environment. We are passionate and innovative in our work, and work in an economically sound way.

Jorien Hanning, HR advisor: ‘People who enjoy doing their work deliver optimum performance. So we always look at the effect of our actions, what they do in the long term for society and the Twente region in particular. Thinking a step bigger, looking for creative solutions and ensuring that what you do makes a difference, that is what makes us happy here at Twence!’

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Annual Reports

We publish an Annual Financial Report and a Public Annual Report every year. You can download the reports from past years here. If you would like a paper copy, please contact us.

Corporate brochure

We want to contribute to a society that gives serious thought to creating a better environment for future generations. We implement this by producing renewable energy that eliminates the need to use fossil fuels. Moreover, we make use of non-renewable waste to generate energy. We do not wait, but take the lead. How? Download here our corporate brochure.