Twence supplies first solar energy

May 1, 2017
Monday 1 May 2017 was a historic day: it was the first time we supplied solar energy! During the day, the first phase of Solar Park Tienbunderweg (1.3 MW, 4,720 panels) was connected to the Enexis grid. This is a new step on the way to more renewable energy.

Twence posts a good result in 2016

Apr 27, 2017
On 20 April 2017, the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the Annual Financial Report of Twence Holding B.V. Twence posted a positive net profit of more than €12.1 million for 2016. 47% of the net turnover of more than €107 million comes from the sale of raw materials and energy, while 53% comes from the processing of waste.

Twence remains in the hands of public shareholders

Apr 20, 2017
During the General Meeting of Shareholders on 20 April 2017, it was decided that Twence would remain in public hands. A large majority of the shareholders also supports the possible shareholdership of the city of Münster. Twence Management is pleased with this decision which provides the space to continue the strategic line already set out and discussed with the current shareholders

First sod turned for Twence Solar Park Tienbunderweg

Feb 9, 2017
On Friday 10 February, CEOs Dennis de Jong of Solarcentury and Marc Kapteijn of Twence turned the first sod of soil for the Twence Solar Park Tienbunderweg. This marked the start of construction of the first solar park in the region! The park is inside the fences of our own grounds at the Boeldershoek. With this solar park we will be able to generate renewable electricity for around 1,000 households every year. The first phase of the park will already go into operation in May 2017.

Green steam network for industrial business processes in Twente

Feb 3, 2017
On 3 February, Koninklijke Grolsch, Apollo Vredestein and Twence signed a declaration of intent for a study into a steam network for industrial business processes in Twente. The feasibility study will make an inventory of the possibilities of a steam pipeline between Twence and the two potential customers. A connection to green steam will enable Grolsch and Apollo Vredestein to reduce their natural gas consumption significantly.

First concrete pavers made with raw materials from Twence

Feb 1, 2017
Bottom ash from Twence formed the basis of the concrete pavers produced today for the first time. For Twence, this is the first time that its bottom ash, released through the generation of electricity from municipal solid waste, has been put to high-quality use in concrete pavers. After the bottom ash has been reprocessed, Van Gansewinkel Minerals makes a freely usable construction material from it, creating a replacement for the sand and gravel in concrete pavers. Morssinkhof Groep produces the pavers, which are destined for the parking area of Volvo Arendsen’s sustainable new building complex in Hengelo.

Euregional cooperation in waste

Jan 1, 2017
As of 1 January 2017, the city of Münster (Germany) will supply energy sources to Twence. Münster’s waste processing company will supply the residual waste from a materials recycling facility for municipal solid waste in Münster. The Energy from Waste plant at Twence will convert this into renewable energy and renewable raw materials.

Green energy goal of municipalities within reach, thanks to Twence

Dec 21, 2016
21 December 2016 was a day for celebration when the first pile was driven into the ground for the expansion of the Twence biomass power plant. From May 2018, the power plant will supply heat as well as green electricity – using the same biomass input. Thanks to Twence, this will achieve half of the sustainability objective of the Twente municipalities: a renewable energy share of 14% in 2020.

Separating wood more efficiently and effectively

Dec 12, 2016
Separation of construction and demolition debris, commercial and industrial waste and oversized municipal solid waste is a labour-intensive activity. Twence recently added a scanner with an NIR camera (Near Infra Red) to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). This camera recognises small pieces of wood, which helps automate the separation process. The result? Less residue and greater reuse of materials.

More sustainable heat from flue gases

Dec 8, 2016
Twence intends to recover extra heat from the flue gases released by the biomass power plant. An extra heat exchanger will retrieve the heat from the flue gases and add it to the district heating system of Ennatuurlijk.