Twence records positive result for 2020

Apr 23, 2021

The annual financial report of Twence Holding B.V. was established at the shareholders' meeting on 22 April 2021. Net sales for 2020 amounted to €115.2 million with a positive result (after tax) of €10.8 million. For financial statement technical reasons, this result has in the annual report been split into the 2020 result (€8.8 million) and retroactively the year 2019 (€2.0 million). The influences of COVID-19 have affected both the financial situation and operations. However, due to adequate measures, the impact has been limited.

The construction of Twence manure processing plant has commenced

Feb 1, 2021

After years of preparation, a positive verdict from the Council of State in October 2020, and a sufficient amount of manure contracts, the construction of manure processing plant Twence Zenderen can finally start in February.

Green light for manure processing plant in Zenderen

Oct 28, 2020

This morning, the Council of State gave a positive statement on the construction of a manure processing plant at Elhorst-Vloedbelt in Zenderen. This means that construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2021 and the plant will be operational by the spring of 2022. 

"We are very pleased with this decision because it makes the actual creation of the plant, after years of preparation and intense cooperation, possible. All lights are green", said managing director Marc Kapteijn. 

Cogas, Ennatuurlijk and Twence join forces. Investigating a regional heating network

Sep 21, 2020

Twente has the ambition to be an energy neutral region by 2050. Municipalities work together with the corporate world in order to develop Twente as a heating region. Through a soon to be realized heating network in Twente, households in the region can be offered a sustainable and affordable alternative for the current gas connection. Cogas, Ennatuurlijk and Twence are investigating this opportunity together, and have signed an intention agreement. 

Heating from Twence available for half of Enschede

Sep 18, 2020

Ennatuurlijk has connected the separate heating networks in the distrcits of Roombeek and Deppenbroek to the sustainable heating network in Enschede; the most sustainable heating network in the Netherlands. In the municipality of Enschede, over 8,500 households and 200 companies in various districts are connected to the heating network. The heating network in Enschede receives heating from Twence, and with this expansion sustainable heating is available to 50% of the city.

Ten municipalities in Twente are buying sustainable energy from Twence

Sep 10, 2020

Ten municipalities in Twente are taking further steps towards a more sustainable use of energy. Starting from 2021, the municipalities of Borne, Dinkelland, Enschede, Haaksbergen, Hellendoorn, Hengelo, Hof van Twente, Losser, Tubbergen and Wierden will purchase sustainably generated electricity from Twence, of which they are also shareholders.
On Wednesday September 9th, the cooperation agreement between Twence and the ten municipalities was confirmed and signed. This stimulates the production of locally sourced sustainable energy.

Flowers and Plants Grow Thanks to Liquid Carbon Dioxide From Residual Waste

Jul 17, 2020

This week Twence delivered its first tanker with liquid carbon dioxide to the greenhouse horticulture sector. The sector uses the carbon dioxide to grow flowers and plants in greenhouses. With this move, Twence is taking further steps towards sustainability. For instance, the company has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 3,600 tons and the horticulture sector no longer has to consume as much gas.

First Recycled Bicycle Path in Twente

May 1, 2020

The renovated circular cycle path between Denekamp and Nordhorn has been put into use. This marks the first road surface in the Twente Region to be constructed with 100% recyclable materials. The cycle path has been constructed by Abbink Boekelo Wegenbouw using Ecofalt: a sustainable alternative to asphalt. The newly developed foundation consists of recycled rubble materials from the Twee 'R' Recycling Group and bottom ash from Twence. This regional circular collaboration has resulted in a fully sustainable cycle path.

Twence Books Positive Result for 2019

Apr 17, 2020

In the shareholders' meeting of 16 April 2020, the annual financial report of Twence Holding B.V. was determined. For 2019, Twence booked a positive net result (after taxes) of €11.8 million. 42% of the turnover of €116.8 million consist of the yield of raw materials and energy. 

Together Toward an Energy-Neutral Twente

Apr 16, 2020

Today the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Twente was presented. A beautiful, sustainable result in which agreements have been established on how to make Twente energy neutral. It's this partnership that will help us to reduce the use of natural gas and contribute to the regional and national climate objectives. Twence supports this collaboration. Only when we work together can we realise a green, circular society.