Aker Solutions to provide plant for CO2 capture and liquefaction

Apr 12, 2019

Twence aims to capture CO2 on a large scale from the flue gases produced by the Energy from Waste (EfW) plant and make it suitable for beneficial use. This CO2 will then no longer be emitted directly into the atmosphere, but reused. Norwegian Aker Solutions has won the tender for this innovative and extensive project and will supply the plant for the CO2 capture and liquefaction process. The contracts for this project have recently been signed.

CCU Project (CO2 capture and reuse) permit application submitted

Mar 20, 2019

As a frontrunner in the sector, Twence makes an important contribution to the achievement of the sustainability goals of its regional shareholders. The CCU Project – the large-scale capture of CO2 and its reuse in a wide range of useful applications – is one of the strategic projects used to achieve these goals. This way waste is transformed into raw materials and cycles are closed. On 18 March, a new project milestone was reached with the submission of the Phase 1 permit application. This concerns an application for an environmental permit and a permit in the context of the Nature Conservation Act.

Development of pilot plant for production of formic acid from CO2 has started

Feb 21, 2019

The formal go-ahead was given on 21 February for the development of a pilot plant that will create formic acid by converting the CO2 created through energy generation from waste. Twence is collaborating on this project with Coval Energy, TNO and Delft University of Technology. The project had its kick-off in Delft, where tests are already underway with a trial setup made in the run up to the project.

BTG-BTL hands over Empyro to Twence

Dec 12, 2018

Empyro, a unique plant for the production of sustainable pyrolysis oil, to remain in the hands of Twente

Empyro, which specialises in the conversion of biomass into pyrolysis oil, green steam and energy, will become part of Twence on 1 January 2019. Today, Gerhard Muggen, Director of BTG-BTL and Empyro, passed the proverbial baton to Marc Kapteijn, Director of Twence. The parties will continue working closely together to further develop the plant and explore new sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable greenhouse horticulture in the Province of Overijssel

Nov 21, 2018

On the occasion of the creation of the 'KKP Energieneutraal 2030' [KKP Energy-neutral by 2030] foundation on 20 November 2018, Twence explained how CO2 from its energy from waste plant can contribute to making greenhouse horticulture sustainable. Ronald de Vries, Manager Projects, explained the advanced Twence plans for capturing and reusing CO2, and the importance of this for the future.

Boost for regional renewable energy supply

Nov 8, 2018

This afternoon, His Royal Highness Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and Director Marc Kapteijn of Twence applied the proverbial ‘press of the button’ to open the largest solar park in the region as well as Twence’s fully renovated biomass power plant. Around €50 million has been invested in these two large-scale projects, providing a massive impulse to the production of renewable energy in the region.

Jan Huitema, Member of the European Parliament, visits Twence

Oct 29, 2018

On 29 October we received Member of the European Parliament Jan Huitema, his assistant Bart Millenaar and alderman Erik Volmerink from the municipality of Tubbergen. Jan Huitema was paying the region a working visit on that day, to gather information about how we are working on healthy soil and valorising manure in Twente. The visit to Twence took place in the framework of our commitment to Mineral Valley Twente, an initiative with wide support whose aim is to make Twente the most sustainable agricultural region in the Netherlands.

Continuous innovation and being a world leader

Sep 27, 2018

His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander visited Hengelo on 26 September 2018. Marc Kapteijn (CEO of Twence) and Ido Sellis (business developer at Twence) used this opportunity to talk with the king about the importance of technology and innovation for increasing sustainability.

CEWEP Innovation Award 2018 for Twence’ sodium bicarbonate production facility

Sep 20, 2018

During the 9th CEWEP Congress in Bilbao, Twence received the CEWEP Innovation Award 2018 for its sodium bicarbonate production facility which successfully captures and reuses carbon dioxide.

Symposium on geothermal heat as renewable energy source

Sep 10, 2018

On 19 September 2018, dGB Earth Sciences will hold a symposium in collaboration with the University of Twente, Energie Beheer Nederland, Twence and Encontech on geothermal heat as a renewable energy source. With Joost Nijhuis, VVD councillor in Enschede, in the chair, all aspects of deep and ultra-deep geothermal heat in Twente will be discussed.